Electroluminescent Panel

In the current challenging retail space, its is important to attract passersby triggering that impulse purchase; this cost-effective flexible poster will grab your audience by printing your message on a thin, durable and lightweight, flexible EL vinyl panel that not only lights up but also provides eye-catching animation effects dramatically. (Can be operated on a battery pack)

What are some of the applications where Animated EL is most effective?

Attention-grabbing, colourful, animated point-of-sale materials: Backlit Signs, Illuminated and Animated Posters, X Banner, Trade show booths, Window displays, Clothing, Caps, Badges and buttons and safety items. An EL signage or poster can serve all purposes, however, a lot better than a traditional lightbox.

What is EL, and how does it work?

EL, or electroluminescent posters/signage, is essentially a flashlight bulb sandwich consisting of layers of a conductive and non-conductive plastic and a layer of phosphor. The phosphor is laminated between two conductive layers and, as a voltage is applied between the two conductive layers or electrodes, the phosphor emits light energy. When a high-quality, high-resolution image is printed over the light, it behaves like a backlit.

Electroluminescent panel-based Aluminium frames are the best choice for advertising and graphic poster displays. The unique modern frame design bonded with state-of-the-art EL technology allows the bright backlit panel to present an authentic and crisp colour image that features powerful eye-catching effects.

Unique Features

•             Flexible – Can be bent to contour to a curved surface (5mm radius)

•             Very Rugged – Same as handling a piece of vinyl

•             Light Weight – Less than a 3.18mm thickness

•             Viewing Angle – Almost 180 0

•             Can be easily seen in high artificial light, dim light or even foggy conditions

•             Efficient - Low Power Consumption – Typically 5 - 10 watts

•             Can be easily embedded in or attached to safety wear

•             Dual-mode - Can be seen when the sign is off or when backlit

•             Installation - No lightbox or cumbersome infrastructure involved.

•             Installs with Velcro tabs, pre-drilled holes an acrylic mounting frame kit Hangs in seconds

•              Shipping & Handling – Minimal damage in transit

•             Light source is a Cold light and power is not lost from heat generation

•             Indoor/Outdoor – Non-glare for easy viewing

•             Vibration and impact resistant - more reliable and less fragile than glass-based lighting products