If you ever show off your wares or services at trade shows, then presentation folders are almost essential to your overall marketing presentation. When someone shows interest in your product, organization, or service, you can simply hand them a package with all of your information already organized inside.

So with not much time to spare before the trade show, you log on to an online web to print website and commence creating your masterpiece, and then you progress through the many options required to finish your folder only to realise that the price offer of "cheap folders" was misleading and the actual costs is much higher! However TOO LATE to quit and start again on another website they have your artwork creation so you proceed and end up with flimsy 200GSM-270GSM folders.

Remember First Impressions Count 

When choosing stock, be sure to consider thickness and weight.It’s fairly easy to recognize flimsy folders; a presentation folder with thin stock 
(200GSM – 270GSM) will “droop” when held in one hand. A quality folder can hold its own against gravity and helps to make, a professional impression. The strongest stocks tend to be 310GSM or thicker. BPP uses 350GSM quality stock only. 

Printing for presentation

It might be tempting to go for a plain-looking or generic folder because all the important information is going inside, right? Not necessarily, because your folder can also become an important piece of marketing material in and of itself. Make the cover look good with a sharp design that includes your company or organization logo, and feel free to print and reinforce marketing messages or other information on the folder flaps or on the back of the folder. There’s no reason not to utilize this space to your advantage, as long as you don’t make it look too cluttered.