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Print the highest quality Scodix business cards! Get Scodix 1 or 2 Sides printed on super heavy 450GSM
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Spot UV Business Cards

Scodix Spot UV Business Cards 

A selective spot varnish for quick to medium Scodix SPOT UV Business Cards digitally recreates the effect of conventional analogue flat varnishes, without the setup time or mess, in a cost-effective approach for run lengths of as much as 5,000 sheets.

Price : $169.40

Foil Business Cards and Scodix Spot UV Business Cards have a raised glossy accent.

Nothing says quality like gold, shiny smooth spot accent like raised text incorporated with embossing.

Choose where you’d like to apply this raised glossy accent with an element of glitter and let us do the rest. We can also add Raised gloss using Scodix Spot UV to any parts of your cards.  Set yourself apart from the Scodix Spot UV Business Cards of your rivals, watch as people run their fingers over the raised, tactile surface, wondering 'How did they do that?’

Scodix Spot UV Business Cards is both more price-powerful and better high-quality than conventional silk-screen merchandise.
 Scodix business cards are industry's best invention of manufacturing. Engages both the touch and the sight,

Scodix Spot UV Business Cards

Scodix Foil Station is a non-compulsory module, that runs in-line with the Scodix extremely pro virtual Press, turning in unrivalled foil enhancement abilities, together with high gloss, embossed, style of densities for quick to medium runs, using a notably advanced, particularly-efficient digital method.

Scodix Foil is ideal for commercial printers, coping with brief to medium runs, who today must outsource the foil application or to apply a protracted and costly make prepared system including moulds and dies, in addition to for converters doing high-cease brief up to medium runs.

Scodix Foil deploys a wide range of warm and bloodless industry-standard foil films, coupled with a spread of substrates, along with offset, virtual, plastics, laminated/non-laminated, and lined/without coating programs consist of commercial enterprise/greeting playing cards, folders, ebook covers, brochures, labels, packaging and more.

Scodix particular patented technologies, the PAS™, RSP™ and transfer technique deliver superior Foil enhancement print with ultra-great information, high gloss, floor coverage and flawless registration; high-stop print pleasant is completed thru a robust and reliable automatic method with a high production yield

Velvet lamination

Scratch-resistant surfaces that add depth to your
Increases the life of your print
Striking, yet elegant appearance
Durable prints that seduce your audience
Feels like the skin of a peach!

Velvet lamination affords one of these smooth texture that is often compared to the pores and skin of a fresh peach. Additionally referred to as “velvet-sense,” it provides a layer that results in long-lasting prints with a sensitive sense. Velvet laminate finish can work without problems Wow a target market via presenting a deeper, richer, and more colourful look to printed substances. This slicing side style and is a perfect preference for the ones companies searching out something a little off the overwhelmed course. Some recall velvet lamination superior to silk lamination as it lasts longer.

This printing finish is applied for each purposeful and aesthetic purposes. It works correctly on business cards, catalogues, greeting playing cards and more. Velvet finish provides a soft look and experience, which softens colours, reduces comparison and gives a basic lighter appearance.

If this appears like a perfect in shape for your printing wishes, check our velvet business cards. They arrive in numerous convenient sizes, may be revealed one or each facet.



Creating Artwork for Scodix Spot UV

Open your artwork in your preferred design software and create a new layer for the Scodix separation.
Select the elements you wish to enhance and duplicate them to the new Scodix layer.

Create a New Color Swatch and name it “Scodix”, select Colour Type “Spot Color”, and convert all Scodix elements to this spot colour.

Density effect:
To achieve density effects, you just apply different levels of opacity to the desired elements; to achieve a high gloss effect you apply full density – 100% opacity, for a matte effect, you apply low density – 5% – 30% opacity. If the item to be enhanced is a picture, you will need to create a mask in Photoshop. You will see the different densities on the UV layer.

Then we save the graphics working file and save the two layers – CMYK and UV – in PDF.

  • Create a Scodix separation
  • Create Scodix Spot Color
  • Define density effect
  • Save the CMYK/UV files as PDF

To produce the Scodix Metallic effect, Scodix PolySENSE™ is applied, using the same process, on top of a silver lamination to achieve a wide variety of metallic colours.

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Why Scodix Spot UV Business Card, Creates a Solid First Impression

Scodix Spot UV Business cards ought to be a piece of your self-presentation. These eye-getting 90 x 55mm bits of 350-420GSM paper contain all the imperative contact data expected to catch your prospect's consideration and help you stay in their recollections well after your underlying meeting. Today, contacts likewise expect business cards. They can improve your believability and authenticity and give your prospect a superior feeling of your polished skill.

 They are Immediate Promoting Apparatuses

 No other promoting is more successful than eye to eye correspondence combined with a handshake. Business cards can go wherever you go, making them a vital portable showcasing apparatus that can encourage the procedure of building up and keeping up new customers for future business opportunities. You never know when you'll keep running into a possibly important prospect, so you ought to dependably be readied. By keeping a pile of business cards close by, you'll be prepared to showcase your business when the open door emerges.

They Help Build a Brand

Business cards are a straightforward approach to set up your image, which thus makes your business all the more effortlessly perceived. A fruitful card ought to contain your organization's logo, publicizing trademark, and fundamental contact data, including a telephone number, site address and email where you can be effortlessly come to. Keep in mind that because your business card is produced using paper does not mean it cannot likewise be technically knowledgeable. Numerous entrepreneurs now utilize QR codes on their cards that can be scanned by a cell phone to direct clients to the business' site or online networking page.

They are Economical

One of the greatest favorable circumstances of a business card is its reasonableness. Organizations can print business cards for short of what it expenses to deliver different sorts of advertising materials, for example, advertisements, press units, and item tests. At the point when the cost is so low and can be effortlessly fit into any business spending plan, why not keep business cards close by? A business card is a fantastic tool for a company to pick up momentum with an enticing outline.

 One of the most exceedingly terrible slip-ups an entrepreneur can make is to misinterpret the significance of a quality business card to the brand character and business advancement. It can go about as your early introduction and straightforwardly reflects how potential prospects and clients take a gander at your business. While there's no denying web promoting has turned into a well-known instrument for business experts, conventional advertising stays solid.

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    • Description: Scodix Spot UV Business Cards  A selective spot varnish for quick to medium Scodix SPOT UV Business Cards digitally recreates the effect of conventional analogue flat varnishes, without the setup time or mess, in a cost-effective approach for run lengths of as much as 5,000 sheets.
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