LED, Dual Sided Digital Signage, to aid your Marketing and Advertising

Dual Sided-Digital Signage (55")

Dual Sided, Digital Signage

55" BenQ Stretch Display

Tell Both Sides of Your Story The award-winning DH551F is designed to double visibility, versatility & creativity. By achieving a two-side content display with the world’s slimmest 23.4 mm panel design.


       Fusion Basic -3 Year                     Fusion Advanced - 3Year                 Fusion Upgrade -B2A

Price : $17,999.02

Digital Signage Display

55" BenQ Dual-Sided Cabinet Display
* Dual Image Display
* 2 x FULL HD - 1,920 x 1,080 Resolution
* 2 x 700cd/m2 Brightness
* Ultra Thin
* 2 x HDMI Inputs
* 24/7 Operation
* 3 Year Warranty

To expand the flexibility even further, the DH551F delivers superior performance not only in landscape and portrait mode but also in ambient environments with 700 nits high-brightness screen. It is an ultra-versatile choice to play ideas on information display for various occasions like a department store, transportation hub, convenience store, and more.

Ultra Slim Panel Design

By simply using one panel to achieve the dual-sided display capability, the BenQ double-sided display strikes the market with the world’s slimmest aero-thin panel design set at less than 23.4mm – about the width of your thumb. This state-of-the-art technological achievement enables installation and placement at the most unexpected places to generate the most attention

High Brightness

A high brightness level of up to 700 nits is achieved on both sides of the ultra-slim display to fully support indoor and semi-outdoor applications.

A Clear View from Every Standpoint

The incorporation of A-MVA technology enables a symmetrical viewing angle of 178° from all directions. Hence, your vivid, high-quality image can be viewed from every standpoint for maximum exposure.

FUSION-BASIC-3Y Fusion Signage

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