Dual Sided Digital Signage

Dual Sided Digital Signage

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Dual Sided Digital Signage 


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  • Dual Sided-Digital Signage
    Electronic Signage To expand the flexibility even further, the DH551F delivers superior performance not only in landscape and portrait mode but also in ambient environments with 700 nits high-brightness screen. It is an ultra-versatile choice to play ideas on information display for various occasions like a department store, transportation hub, convenience store, and more. Ultra Slim Panel Design By simply using one panel to achieve the dual-sided display capability, the BenQ double-sided display strikes the market with the world’s slimmest aero-thin panel design set at less than 23.4mm – about the width of your thumb. This state-of-the-art technological achievement enables installation and placement at the most unexpected places to generate the most attention High Brightness A high brightness level of up to 700 nits is achieved on both sides of the ultra-slim display to fully support indoor and semi-outdoor applications.A Clear View from Every Standpoint The incorporation of A-MVA technology enables a symmetrical viewing angle of 178° from all directions. Hence, your vivid, high-quality image can be viewed from every standpoint for maximum exposure.
    Dual Sided-Digital Signage

    Dual Sided, Digital Signage 55" BenQ Dual Sided Display Tell Both Sides of Your Story The award-winning DH551F is designed to double visibility, versatility, and creativity. By achieving a two-side content display with the world’s slimmest 23.4 mm panel design,              Fusion Basic -3 Year                     Fusion Advanced - 3Year...

    As LOW AS $10,999.01

Flawless Display in Portrait View

To ensure a flawless portrait display, a structure featuring more solid fixing points on all edges is employed to prevent “Mura” image distortion commonly seen on vertically positioned consumer displays.

24/7 Non-Stop Operation

The amazing life of 50,000 hours translates to years of non-stop display service and reliable industrial-class performance far more economical than consumer models.

One Media Player, Two Sets of Contents

All you need is one media player to display contents on either side of your new double-sided displays via HDMI, saving you considerable time and effort on setup and making it super easy to access and make any necessary changes to the contents being displayed.