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Fridge Magnets, or a wide range of custom-shaped magnets 

Budget Print Plus can provide a wide range of customized-shaped Promotional Magnets. While there is a massive preoccupation with all the various formats of digital and social marketing these days, you would be surprised to know that one of the simplest forms of advertising, the typical fridge magnet placed in a refrigerator in a home, will be viewed approximately 10-12 times a day per person. Therefore, for the average family of 4, that equates to 300 times a week!

Fridge Magnets|Photo Magnets 


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  • Fridge Magnets|Photo Magnets
    It's great to see that you recognize the benefits of fridge magnets as a promotional tool or a way to keep special memories nearby. They are versatile, eye-catching, and can be placed on any magnetic surface. Additionally, they have a longer lifespan than stickers and offer better value for money than business cards, making them a smart choice for businesses and individuals alike. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topicBPP provides customised online printing services through our Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane hubs.
    Fridge Magnets|Photo Magnets

    Fridge Magnets, Photo Magnets or Save the Date Magnets are used in marketing and personal announcements. Fridge Magnets, Photo Magnets, or save-the-date Magnets are used in marketing and personal announcements. Using Fridge Magnets to promote your business is one of the best ways to make your existence known to potential customers. Custom Fridge Magnets...

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Magnetic Car Signs,

Fridge Magnets are essential to a business marketing campaign; compared to most marketing collateral, they last a very long time. They are nifty and stick to metal surfaces used at home and the workplace, commonly used to organise things on metal surfaces. In your home, the fridge would have to be one of the most used appliances by all family members. Therefore, ongoing branding has enormous potential, making it lasting and memorable.

Photo Fridge Magnets, Magnetic Car Signs

Often, calendars highlight your product or service's salient features or services and showcase the company's events or functions. Fridge Magnets or Photo Magnets are printed in an assortment of shapes and vivid colours to help them stand out from the rest, in addition to your branding and your message most companies provide important emergency contact details with their fridge magnets to ensure retention. Car Magnets placed delivery vehicles as an advertising tool without the mess involved with stickers.

They also offer a great deal of flexibility and high visibility. Magnets are also used as business cards, ensuring durability while keeping them in your client's view and less likely to be dumped. According to statistics, the average household will keep a fridge magnet for 6-8 years! Hence, the recall value is high.

At Budget Print Plus, we have a network of trade printing hubs across the country, meaning we can get the job delivered quickly and promptly for your business needs. Our quality customer care ensures we use state-of-the-art printing technology, meaning you get customised Fridge Magnets, Photo Magnets, save-date Magnets, and Business Card Magnets printed on our High-Resolution printers in Australia at an affordable price with quick delivery.

Our Printing is second to none & we pride ourselves on our work with a happy clientele, which we’ve serviced since 2006. If you have any questions about our Products & Services, please call us; we’re delighted to help with all inquiries.

At Budget Print Plus, we have a network of hubs across the country, meaning we can get the job delivered quickly & promptly for your business needs. Budget Print Plus: SYDNEY Servicing: NSW and ACT, MELBOURNE Servicing: VIC, SA and TAS, BRISBANE Servicing: QLD, PERTH Servicing: WA and DARWIN Servicing: NT. Phone: 1300 79 70 72