Refund Policy - Hassle-Free Returns


Budget Print Plus is proud of our products' outstanding quality and craftsmanship and provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee against manufacturing defects. Our quality control systems have failed, and this can be demonstrated unequivocally. 

Order refunds and cancellations are generally not provided except for process or product malfunction (e.g., a workmanship defect or the product arriving damaged). The corrective Procedure in this Policy outlines these.

Budget Print Plus is not responsible for customer-generated mistakes, errors or defects, including:

  • Typos, grammar, unfinished text, or other text errors

  • The poor image quality derived from low-resolution images

  • Dark images that appear dark on-screen (Budget Print Plus does not lighten your images to match what you see on a backlit display)

  • Design issues, including book format, organization, style, colour, and page layout

  • Any other creative choices you have made using your own or our online programs

  • Order quantity or other ordering errors

  • Any damage caused by freight handlers.

Before finalising the order

Please be sure to preview your order carefully before placing it. Images and text will be printed as they appear in the Preview. We do not proofread for or correct any such customer-generated mistakes.

Once you have placed something in the shopping cart, Budget Print Plus will not proceed with production for approximately one hour after the order is placed online.  This means users can cancel orders by sending an email to the support email with specific instructions on how not to proceed.  This also applies to orders that require minor amendments and corrections.

Past one hour, please understand that Budget Print Plus cannot provide refunds, cancel orders or correct and/or amend the original order - except for the cases expressly described in this return policy – ref Corrective Procedure below.  Budget Print Plus cannot otherwise accept returns.

Corrective Procedure

If your order arrives damaged or has a manufacturing defect, contact us at Budget Print Plus within 14 days of receipt, clearly outlining the problem with your order.  We will then investigate the production processes to determine whether a manufacturing defect exists.

Depending on the findings of any investigation, Budget Print Plus may choose to resupply the goods in instances where it can be demonstrated unequivocally that the following quality controls have failed:

  1. Operator error in pre-press areas leading to incorrect supply of goods.  These could include (but not limited to) any of the following:

    1. Incorrect colour matching (within acceptable industry standards)

    2. Use of Incorrect artwork

    3. Proof not signed or approved onscreen by the client

  2. Operator error on machinery caused the specification and proof to fail to match the client's signature.

In all cases, Budget Print Plus reserves the right to alter material supply specifications where necessary due to external factors such as paper and ink supply shortages.  Budget Print Plus also reserves the right to make minor adjustments to final product specifications if no alternative can be found due to manufacturing challenges. 

In most cases, this would involve adjustments within a few millimetres and would be deemed necessary for the job to be produced. 

If the investigation determines that Budget Print Plus is at fault, one of the two options will be considered:

  1. Return all material and resupply at the original specifications at no cost to the client.

  2. Goods are to be retained by the client, and an agreement is reached on a reduced price based on the perceived “severity” of the fault.  Generally, any discount would not exceed 50% of the original invoice price.  Budget Print Plus reserves the right to determine the final discount offer, taking into consideration material supply, etc.

Note: As part of an agreed arrangement, if a client chooses to make further artwork changes upon the decision to resupply, this will be considered a CORRECTIVE REPRINT and incur charges of up to 50% of the original invoice price. Budget Print Plus reserves the right to set the charges based on the required work. 

This may include (but is not limited to) the amount of artwork time spent making changes.   Unless a specific reason for the error has been determined as part of the investigation, under no circumstances should the original specifications of the job change (e.g. size, stock, etc.).  For any other changes to specification (e.g., stock changes), the client will bear the cost difference.

Budget Print Plus Refund & Exchange Policy 2021