Backlits - Translucent Posters

Backlits - BPP Prints Translucent Film Posters

Illuminate your brand with custom-designed backlit posters known as illuminated signs and lightbox displays. These attention-grabbing displays trigger impulse purchases by illuminating your graphics from behind, ensuring they stand out 24/7. Don't miss out on potential customers - ask us how to get started.

Backlits - Translucent Posters 


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  • Backlits, Backlit Sign
    PLEASE NOTE: We selected a minimum order qty of 10 posters; we believe this represents our clients' best value for money. For smaller quantities, please email us using the "REQUEST CUSTOM QUOTE" button. Backlit Posters, Illuminated Signs Transparency heightens the vibrant colouring of your backlit posters. It looks best in a Snap LightBox with the light source at the back of the poster. Your images are sharper and easier to see in poor lighting conditions.  Our printing services will print these Backlit Signs or our custom-designed Chalk Menu Boards with an eco-solvent printer, giving you rugged prints while remaining environmentally friendly. We custom-print these backlit posters with your graphics and images! Alternatively, our design team can create stunning transparencies for your lightbox display and print them for you. SUBSTRATE TYPE: please read the explanation of film types in the (Artwork Specifications) tab. Custom Quote: Please email your  inside measurements to 
    Backlits, Backlit Sign

    Our Backlits, Convert. Printed in Australia: Backlit posters are designed to fit inside a lightbox display to illuminate your graphics from behind. Transcribed onto translucent materials, these backlit posters allow light to pass through your graphics, demanding attention from passers-by.

    As LOW AS $102.58
  • Chalkboard Menu Backlits
    These posters are mounted on backlit panels, also called illuminated Signs. Our Menu Blackboard Posters look great Backlit! Fast food menu blackboards have become an integral marketing tool to promote products, utilising a Backlit Snap LED Lightbox that illuminates the stunning graphics on the poster to help the customer make an informed decision in the fastest possible time during peak time. Our printing services create and supply artwork for chalk menu boards for all types of fast food outlets and restaurants, such as food menu pictures, digital food menus, menus of food items, menu boards for fast food, and picture food menus. Chalk Menu BoardsChalk menu boards, chalkboard poster board, cafe barriers, chalkboard menus, chalkboard menu signs, fast food menu boards, food menu pictures, digital food menus, a menu of food items, menu boards for fast food, picture food menus, digital signage, outdoor signage, food service signage, fast food signage, digital signage menu boards, printed menus, menus online, display menus, electronic menus, and food images for menus, illuminated menu boards.
    Chalkboard Menu Backlits

    Chalkboards for Restaurants! We create Backlit Posters to emulate the Chalkboards for restaurants used by restaurants and cafes worldwide, using creative artwork we print on backlit poster material. You can change these posters to promote your breakfast, lunch, and dinner offer. 

    As LOW AS $102.58

Backlit Sign 

It is Great for Restaurant Menu boards. A backlit sign is printed on translucent PVC Film using Eco-Friendly technology. This allows light to pass through the Illuminated Sign design, limiting transparency and enhancing the vibrant colouring of your images. This leaves you with a crisp, clear Light Box Sign for your business advertising needs. Backlit poster signage will help convert potential customers.

Why not give your Menu Board more illumination and an excellent image definition? Watch how quickly those orders roll in when you upgrade to a Backlit Display for your restaurant or business. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and having the wrong display can cost you customers. Please speak to one of our friendly representatives for more information on how a Backlit Display unit can help you. We have many options available for Backlit Poster Printing, referred to as Backlit or Backlit Poster.

Backlit Poster

Backlit posters are a striking way to showcase your message or advertisement, creating a vibrant and attention-grabbing display. Whether used for advertising, promotions, or decorative purposes, backlit posters make a powerful visual impact in any setting. They can be found in Cinemas, Shopping Malls, Bus Stations, and many other locations. In addition, we have the recently launched edgeless fabric poster. When you add a fabric poster to one of our frames, it pops!

Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboard Sign with Chalk Text. We take the traditional French art of promoting their freshly baked goods on a blackboard to attract passers-by. This traditional chalk menu board art has been transformed and deployed in a lightbox with stunning results. Our graphic design team have designed a font that mimics chalk and can be tailored to your specific requirements; please inquire for more details.

BPP Online Printing Services: we have a network of hubs across the country, meaning we can get the job delivered quickly & promptly for your business needs. Budget Print Plus: SYDNEY Servicing: NSW and ACT, MELBOURNE Servicing: VIC, SA and TAS, BRISBANE Servicing: QLD, PERTH Servicing: WA and DARWIN Servicing: NT. Phone: 1300 79 70 72