Vinyl Banner, Single Sided
Vinyl Banner, Single Sided - Print Vinyl Banner| perfect for advertising your events
Vinyl Banner, Single Sided - Print Vinyl Banner| perfect for advertising your events Vinyl Banner, Single Sided - Print Vinyl Banner| perfect for advertising your events

Vinyl Banner, Single Sided

The Vinyl Banner is popular as a Birthday Banner

The single-sided is the most popular and commonly used for printing, birthday banners, single-sided vinyl banners. Fantastic for sporting events, school or church fetes or any outdoor advertising application. Ideally viewed from a distance of 2m+

Price : $95.00

Vinyl Banner, Birthday Banner, Custom Sign

Custom Vinyl Banners, 450gsm, 1000 denier banner is water and UV resistant. 
It is crucial to know the distance from which your banner will be viewed so you can choose the appropriate size. If it is too large or small, your banner may be unreadable. A banner displayed on the sidelines of an outdoor football game would normally have to be much larger than a banner hung at an indoor conference, for example.
Vinyl banners are excellent for most applications
They are durable and easy to clean. Vinyl mesh is a better choice when the wind is a concern since it lets air pass through and resists tearing. For trade shows, press conferences and theatrical events, canvas backdrops often work best because they are durable, non-reflective and flame-resistant.

Single sided vinyl banner with red backgroung and white letters promoting a SALE


Other commonly used names for this product are PVC Banners, Promotional Banners, Outdoor vinyl banners, Fete Banners, Event Banners, Church Banners, Advertising Outdoor Banners, Advertising Outdoor Signs, Advertising Banners, Banner Sign Vinyl and Banner Sign.

Consider printing more than one

Large events often draw diverse audiences, so you can increase your return on investment by tailoring a suite of banners to target specific audience sub-niches. Consider this tagline from a football game: “Investors, bring your winning team home from the game.”

Don’t be afraid to get creative. If you are targeting women with one product and men with another, consider hanging different banners over the restroom entrances. Even better, use your banner to show where the restrooms are — and, of course, also relate your message. You are practically guaranteed hundreds of looks!

Define your goal and don’t forget a call to action

What do you want your audience to do after they see your banner? Is it part of your branding effort, or do you want your audience to call a number, visit a website, attend a demonstration (such as at a trade show) or something else entirely? Just like any other marketing method, be sure to include an offer and a call to action. Banners are not supposed to be decorations; they are supposed to be highly effective marketing materials that drive response.

BPP vinyl banners online are perfect for reaching potential customers in a diverse audience. With careful planning, you can boost sales with superb banner marketing. Consider these banner marketing essentials before you plan your campaign to ensure you are positioned to make a huge impact on your audience.

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