Pull Up Banner, Premium
Pull Up Banner, Premium - Pull Up Banner | is simple to setup|
Pull Up Banner, Premium - Pull Up Banner | is simple to setup| Pull Up Banner, Premium - Pull Up Banner | is simple to setup|

Pull Up Banner, Premium

Pull Up Banner creates impact, popular at exhibitions Pull Up Banners Sydney

The Pull Up Banner Premium is designed for the long term, i.e., retail displays, educational displays, and trade shows. Its bases are more durable than the base model. The hardware mechanism has a 2-year warranty. The Premium Pull Up Banner range is the most popular signage solution.

Price : $139.92

The Pull Up Banner Premium is designed for long-term, i.e., retail displays, educational displays, and trade shows. Their bases are more durable than the base model. The hardware mechanism has a two-year warranty. The pull-up banner is the most popular signage solution because it is versatile, can be installed quickly and easily, and is compact. Available in various sizes, it is great for exhibitions, conferences, seminars or in-store promotions. These freestanding units are available through our online printing services; the bases have added stability with two base feet and are simple to setup for peace of mind. 

  • Free Lamination (Matt or Gloss Finish)
  • Choice of a Black or Silver Base
  • Handy Black Carry Bag
  • 2yr Warranty (on mechanism only)

 Available in a range of sizes. Photographic Quality—High Resolution Print 720dpi is used for banner printing, pull-up banners in Australia, and trade show displays.

 Pull up banners and stand out at trade shows, expos and more!    Buy high-quality roll up banner displays for trade shows and more events

What makes Polypropylene curl?

Since we print on Polypropylene with dye ink, the print must be laminated to prevent any damage. The laminated causes the print to curl due to stretching. We suggest printing on an Indoor Curl Resistant Poster, UV Curl Resistant Block-out Poster, or Fabric to avoid this from happening.

What is the best print material to use for an urgent job?

UV Curl Resistant Block-out Poster.

What kind of fabric material is used for the Pull up Banner?

200 gsm, Waratah. It is a heavy-duty fabric with a matt finish and minimum stretch.

Is the banner's height adjustable?

Do you need a custom height for your pole? No problem! Our poles can be easily shortened to your desired height. For further details, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.

In the artwork specifications, why is the print width 10mm shorter than the base width?

To minimise the edges of the banner being damaged from rolling in and out of the base. we have to make the print 10mm shorter to fit into the frame,

Why is there a bleed at the top and bottom of the banner?

We require extra bleed (print) so the banner can be attached to the top bar. We also allow an extra bleed at the bottom of the banner to attach it to the base mechanism.

Special artwork requirement for fabric pull up the banner?

It's essential to ensure that any critical information on a banner is placed at a visible height so it can be easily read when the banner is extended. Placing information 100mm above the base could make it difficult for people to see, so avoiding that area is best.

Pull Up Banners Design

We have found that there are just a few simple things you need to consider when designing your artwork for this great product.

Explore our curated collection of [products/services] designed to meet your needs. Discover the power of effective banner design with our expert tips. Learn how to strategically select colours, limit your palette, and create eye-catching visuals. With our guidance, you'll master the art of using light colours on dark backgrounds and vice versa to make your message stand out.

Secondly, limit the number of images you use. Most of the time, it is better to use one bigger image rather than a bunch of smaller images. This will create a focal point on your banner. With smaller images, your eye can get lost with all of the information.

Thirdly and probably the most crucial point is to get your point across concisely. People do not stand and read a retractable banner. They take 2 or 3 seconds to have a look at it. So what is your call to action? If you are talking about a product, keep it to very short points and use images where possible. Slabs of text should be kept in the promotional material you hand out.

The final point of a great pull-up banner design is knowing where to lay out everything. Your eye will start from the top of a pull-up banner and start going down, so it is vital to put your important information in the right spot (preferably the higher, the better).

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