Pull Up Banner, Double Sided - Portable Branding & Messaging with Pull Up Banners

Pull Up Banner, Double Sided

A Pull Up Banner, or Pop up is easy to transport and setup.

Portable Branding & Messaging with Pull Up Banners: Easy to Transport and Setup, Ideal for On-the-Go Promotions. Our Double-Sided Pull-Up Banner is Designed for Long-Term Use, Featuring a High-Quality, Hardwearing Base and Mechanism

Price : $209.00

Pull up Banner

Pull Up Banner designed for long-term use with a  hardwearing base. The double-sided poster print can be seen from both sides and can either have the same artwork printed on both sides or separate artworks.

The hardware mechanism has a 5-year warranty. It is great for all exhibitions, retail spaces, trade shows and conferences and is designed to be used time and time again

Attract attention from both sides. Repeat your message or have two different deals!

Choose from our range of Double Sided Pull up Banner Sizes. If you are out to impress your clients, upgrade to our Deluxe bases for an elegant, wide base, perfect for reflecting upmarket & high-end events, companies, and product launches. The photographic print seamlessly rolls or retracts into the base for safe storage when not in use.

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Promotional pull-up banners are the perfect solution for fast, high impact, exhibition display stands. A pull-up banner stand can be deployed individually or tiled  Promoting your brand or event has never been easier or more economical. Easy set-up and portability makes pull up banners a core item for any presentation

Why does Polypropylene curl?

To maintain the integrity of prints on Polypropylene with dye ink without causing curling due to lamination, we recommend opting for an Indoor Curl curl-resistant poster, UV Curl curl-resistant block-out Poster, or Fabric printing alternatives. These options provide durability and prevent curling, ensuring your prints stay pristine.

What is the best print material to use for an urgent job?

UV Curl Resistant Block-out Poster.

In the artwork specifications, why is the print width 10mm shorter than the base width?

We have the print 10mm shorter to fit into the frame to prevent the edges from becoming damaged from rolling in and out of the base.

In the artwork specifications, why do we need the image to bleed at the top and bottom of the Pull Up Banner?

We require extra bleed (print) so the top bar can grip the print. We also allow an extra bleed at the bottom of the banner to attach it to the base.

What is the special artwork requirement for fabric pull up banner?

We recommend that you do not place any critical information in an area 100mm above the base; otherwise, it will not be visible when the banner is extended.

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