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Printing DL Brochures Online

DL Brochure communicates your offer. 

You must know the overall goal of your DL printing project. BPP will allow you complete control when customizing your order.

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DL Brochure Size

There are several reasons why your organization should continue to offer DL-size marketing material despite living in a digital world. If you are considering discontinuing them or already have, you should probably reconsider. You cannot reach everyone electronically.

Well-designed marketing linked to a clever advertising campaign can help your business generate more leads and promote brand awareness, which could increase your sales.

Appealing to Multiple Senses

OK, what if your target audience is connected and wants information sent electronically? Great, mail it to them, but be ready with printed material to put in their hands on a sales call, during a presentation, or while attending a trade show. Occasionally, a mailer may also be effective. There are businesses that still successfully market through direct mail.

The bottom line is that even if your prospect has connected with you electronically, most people respond positively to something in their hand, something they can contextually feel. A brochure, pamphlet, booklet or one-pager may connect with a prospect in ways other media cannot.

Why not use every tool available to spotlight your products? A well-designed, informative print piece may mean the difference between adding a new client and losing the opportunity to serve them, thus making DL printing prices a minimal investment.


Currently, standard and folded brochures can be ordered in sizes including A4 210 x 297mm, A3 420 x 297mm, DL 198 x 210mm and A4 630 x 297mm.

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