• Scodix Business Cards|One Side
  • Scodix Business Cards|One Side
  • Scodix Business Cards|One Side
Scodix Business Cards|One Side - Scodix Business Cards|Foil Printing
Scodix Business Cards|One Side - Scodix Business Cards|Foil Printing Scodix Business Cards|One Side - Scodix Business Cards|Foil Printing Scodix Business Cards|One Side - Scodix Business Cards|Foil Printing

Scodix Business Cards|One Side

Scodix Business Cards set you apart from the rest!

(Scodix 1 Side-Printed Two Sides) Scodix presses offer genuine differentiation with Scodix Sense™ digital enhancement that stands out from the sheet. Nothing says quality like gold Scodix Business Cards, similar to Foil Printing, with shiny, smooth spot accents like raised text incorporated with embossing.

Price : $122.01

Choose where you’d like to apply this raised glossy accent with an element of glitter and let us do the rest. We can also add Raised Spot Gloss to any part of your cards. Scodix Business Cards, all finished with the "NEW Luxurious" Velvet Laminate, feel like the skin of peach only smoother! 

Set yourself apart from the scodix business cards of your rivals, and watch as people run their fingers over the raised,  tactile surface, wondering, 'How did they do that?’

Excessive gloss and variable densities

In traditional approaches, embossing requires two dies and a separate press run after varnishing or laminating. With Scodix sense, however, you could effortlessly produce those precious consequences in a single skip.

99 Gloss devices (GU), the highest gloss available for revealed substances as much as 250 microns in polymer top, a hundred times better than selective varnish. Variable density abilities ranging from 1% to 100% Scodix “lens impact”, making colourings stand out

BPP offers online printing services for business cards through our hubs in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. Our printing services are fast and efficient and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a small batch of cards or a large quantity for your business, we can provide high-quality printing services that will make a lasting impression.

Creating Artwork 

Open your artwork in your preferred design software and create a new layer for the Scodix separation.
Select the elements you wish to enhance and duplicate them to the new Scodix layer.
Create a New Color Swatch and name it “Scodix.” Select the Color Type “Spot Color” and convert all Scodix elements to this spot colour.

Density effect:
To achieve density effects, you apply different levels of opacity to the desired elements. To achieve a high gloss effect, you apply full density—100% opacity; for a matte effect, you apply low density—5%—30% opacity. If the item to be enhanced is a picture, you will need to create a mask in Photoshop. You will see the different densities on the UV layer.

Then, we save the graphic working file and the two layers – CMYK and UV – in PDF.

  • Create a Scodix separation
  • Create Scodix Spot Color
  • Define density effect
  • Save the CMYK/UV files as PDF

To produce the Scodix Metallic effect, Scodix PolySENSE™ is applied, using the same process, on top of a silver lamination to achieve a wide variety of metallic colours.


//budgetprintplus.com.au/img/cms/PostersNew Folder/BPP SCODIX INSTRUCTIONS.jpg

They are Economical

Business cards offer unparalleled affordability, making them a top choice for businesses of all sizes. Printing business cards cost significantly less than producing other marketing materials such as ads, press kits, or product samples. With such low costs, business cards easily fit into any business budget, making them an indispensable tool for marketing success.

In today's digital age, it's easy to overlook the importance of physical marketing materials. However, business cards remain a cornerstone of effective networking and brand promotion. They're a tangible representation of your brand that leaves a lasting impression on recipients.

Quality is paramount when it comes to business cards. Your cards' design, texture, and thickness all contribute to how recipients perceive your brand. Investing in high-quality business cards ensures that your brand makes a positive impression every time."

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