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Envelope Printing C5

BPP Envelope Printing services stock the popular size C5 Envelope. 

Custom envelope printing C5, making an impression with personalised stationery, considering how much time and effort business owners pour into every single aspect of their companies, it is interesting how many of them miss a key element in their communication with prospective clients.

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C5 Printed Envelopes

The sales letter is a tried-and-true method of pitching to clients and potential customers, with each word carefully selected to try and elicit the perfect response delivered in custom-printed envelopes.

The importance of font selection in creating impactful communications emphasizes the attention to detail required to make a strong impression on the recipient.

Except, what about the C5 Envelope? That letter, the one the business has poured so much effort into, the one with all the salesmanship, will be completely ineffective if it is stuffed into a crumpled, hand-written C5 Envelope. After all, for that excellent letter to be read, it first has to find its way out of the envelope, and if the envelope looks unprofessional, the customer will not even bother taking it out. This is why companies should use custom custom-printed envelopes to get the best impression from the moment the letter lands in a prospect's fingers.

Why do some companies skimp on custom C5 Printed Envelope? It is not a matter of saving money, as printing high-quality envelopes is hardly a massive cost undertaking. It is, more often than not, oversight or possibly just a lack of understanding of the importance of making an excellent first impression, not just a good impression.

BPP online printing services provide custom-printed envelopes through our hubs located in  Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane,

DL Envelopes
Artwork Size 224x114mm finished size 220x110mm. The printable area is 11mm from the top and 5mm around. Artwork therefore cannot be bigger than 210x94mm
Full colour 1 side only Printable area
Available in

DLX Envelopes
The artwork size is 239x124mm. The finished size is 235x120mm with a printable area of only 224x108mm with 11mm from the top unprintable and then 5mm all-round for the border.
Full colour one side. Optional Secretive wallet which has a pattern printed on the inside of the envelope. The window faced or non-window faced are also available.
Available in
Common Uses
Deluxe envelopes are slightly larger than the DL envelopes for mailing thick documents.

C4 Envelope
Artwork size C4 (324x229mm)

C5 Envelope
Artwork size C5 (229 x162mm)

When it comes to choosing colours for your marketing materials, it's important to consider the nature of your product or service. If you're promoting medical services or life insurance, it's best to stick with neutral colours.

On the other hand, if you're promoting computer software or sports equipment, you can use vibrant colours to grab people's attention. If you are using envelopes, you might want to consider adding a glassine window to showcase colourful photographs of your product, a membership card, or a contest entry form. For a fun touch, you can use rubber stamps or Post-it notes. Red or black rubber stamps can create a sense of urgency, while rounded edges can make them more appealing.

Although you can't include real Post-it notes in your envelope due to postal constraints, you can print a Post-it note effect with a drop shadow. Some marketers have found success by using phrases like "they do not want you to know this" to intrigue recipients and make them feel like co-conspirators. Clichés such as "Private Invitation" or "Free issue! Better grab it fast!" can also prompt more envelope openings.

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