Fabric LED LightBox Australia - BPP Frameless Fabric Light Box Custom made to order

Fabric LED LightBox Australia

Lightbox Textile

BPP Frameless Fabric Light Box Custom-made to order. Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG), The Fabric SEG Light Box features an ultra-thin face frame, creating a virtually frameless appearance. SEG), typically created using dye-sublimation or digital printers, has vibrant colour saturation.

Sunset image displayed on a framless fabric backlit frame
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Frameless Lightbox

These backlit graphics are renowned for large, seamless, borderless, glare-free images that create an attractive appearance and minimise reflected light, unlike other substrates used on light boxes.

LED strips provide bright, white, and energy-efficient uniform illumination throughout the display, available in an impressive single graphic size and even more substantial when connecting multiple boxes to create a seamless appearance. SEG Lightbox includes an internal power supply, simplifying installation requirements. The Fabric SEG LightBox is available in a single and dual-sided version. The Fabric SEG LightB designed for indoor applications has always been the go-to anchor for promoting your offer in retail environments whether, in large shopping malls or standalone retail spaces, graphics are available in standard fabric for general use and vinyl for extra durability.

Corner of framelss frame with fabric pulled back   Showing the silicone edge strip used to secure the fabric to the frame

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