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Electroluminescent Panel|Poster

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Grab your audience by printing your message on a thin, durable and lightweight EL panel that not only lights up a sign but also provides eye-catching animation effects dramatically.

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Poster| Poster Printing

What are some of the applications where Animated EL is most effective? Attention-grabbing, colourful, animated point-of-sale materials
Backlit Signs, Illuminated and Animated Posters, X Banner, Trade show booths, Window displays, Clothing, Caps, Badges and buttons, and safety items.  An EL signage or poster can serve all-purpose but is a lot better than a traditional lightbox.



What is EL, and how does it work?

EL, or electroluminescent signage, is essentially a flat light bulb sandwich consisting of layers of conductive and non-conductive plastic and a layer of phosphor. The phosphor is laminated between two conductive layers and, as a voltage is applied between the two conductive layers or electrodes, the phosphor emits light energy. When a high-quality, high-resolution image is printed over the light, it behaves like a backlit.

Electroluminescent flat signage is the best where movement and light can be used effectively for marketing EL is affordable when compared to LED Screens. The unique flat poster can be mounted with or without a frame. Your design bonded with state-of-the-art EL technology allows the bright backlit panel to present a true and crisp colour image that features powerful eye-catching effects.

Electroluminescent panel-based Aluminium frames are the best choice for advertising and photographic poster displays. The unique modern frame design bonded with state-of-the-art EL technology allows the bright backlit panel to present a true and crisp colour image that features powerful eye-catching effects.
We provide black slim aluminium frames that are 10mm wide. They can be easily hung on the wall with hooks on the back. The simple design makes the EL panel present a brilliant animation and powerful eye-catching effect in such dark places as bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, and inside establishments.   

EL POSTER: we provide a wide range of options as mount solutions
• EL POSTER can be mounted with Velcro
• In an aluminium frame
• Mounted on PVC board
• Double-sided EL POSTER

Unique Features

  •       Dual-mode - Can be seen when the sign is off or when backlit
  •       Light Weight – Less than a 1/8” thickness
  •       Flexible – Can be bent to contour to a curved surface (5mm radius)
  •       Very Rugged – Same as handling a piece of vinyl
  •       Installation - No lightbox or heavy infrastructure involved.
  •       Installs with Velcro tabs, hangs in seconds construction typically not required
  •       Shipping & Handling – Minimal damage in transit
  •       Viewing Angle – Almost 180 0 Viewing
  •       Can be easily seen in high artificial light, dim light or even foggy conditions
  •       Efficient - Low Power Consumption – Typically 5 - 10 watts
  •       The light source is a Cold light and power is not lost from heat generation
  •       Indoor/Outdoor – Non-glare for easy viewing
  •       Can be easily embedded in or attached to safety wear
  •       Vibration and impact resistant more reliable and less fragile than filament and glass-based lighting products


  •          SIGN MATERIAL           Multi-laminate construction
  •          SIZES & SHAPES          Any shape up to 36” x 72” - Custom shapes available
  •          VIEWING ANGLE          Better than 160 Degrees
  •          BRIGHTNESS   Min 100 cd.m2
  •          LIFE  20,000 hours + (Life is increased if sign is animated or cycled)
  •          SAFETY         No Ultraviolet Radiation emitted
  •          INDOOR/OUTDOOR      Can be operated in both environment
  •          OPERATING TEMP        Operates from - 30 0 C to + 70 0 C
  •          STORAGE TEMP           -40 0 C to + 85 0 C
  •          HUMIDITY RANGE        5% to 95% Humidity
  •          WEIGHT          A typical display or sign 6” x 12”(72 in2) weighs ~10 oz
  •          POWER RESOURCES     DC 1.5V to 24V and or AC110/220V
  •          SUPPLY VOLTAGE        AC60V to AC 220V
  •           OPEARTING CURRENT  Maximum to 0. 25 mA/cm2
  •          OPERATING POWER     Low Power Consumption Approx 5watts “ EXIT” sign
  •          POWER INVERTER        Different power configurations to optimize sign parameters
  •          APPROVALS    Solid State switching power supply (UL Listed)
  •          SUPPLY FREQUENCY    1.5KHz sine Wave at AC 100Vrms
  •          WARRANTY    1 year Factory Warranty for EL Signs, Displays and Inverters

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