These days, you would be surprised to know that one of the simplest forms of advertising the common fridge magnet placed in a refrigerator in a home will be viewed approximately 10-12 times a day per person, therefore for the average family of 4 that equates to 300 times a week!

Fridge Magnets form an important part of a business marketing campaign, compared to most marketing collateral they last a very long time. They are nifty and stick to metal surfaces used in the home and the workplace commonly used to organise things on metal surfaces. In your home, the fridge would have to be one of the most used appliances by all members of the family. Therefore there is huge potential for ongoing branding making it lasting and memorable. 

Often calendars to highlight the salient features of your product or service also showcasing the events or functions for the company. Custom Magnets are printed in an assortment of shape and vivid colours to help them stand out from the rest, in addition to your branding and your message most companies provide important emergency contact details with their fridge magnets to ensure retention. Car Magnets placed delivery vehicles, as an advertising tool without the mess involved with stickers.

They also offer a great deal of flexibility and high visibility. Magnets are also used as a business card, which ensures durability while keeping them in your client's view and less likely to be dumped, based on statistics the average household will keep a fridge magnet staggering 6-8 years! Hence the recall value is high.